Train Like You Fight
Service Rifle One [SR1]

This course offers the basic essentials for iron sight, military service rifles.  Our entry-level course is weapon specific, separated by type, AR-15,
AK-47, etc.  This gives all students the opportunity to learn their weapon effectively without getting distracted by non-applicable information.  The
class begins with nomenclature, breakdown (field strip), and maintenance.  Once you can assemble the weapon blindfolded, and you will, we
move on to mechanical and battle-sight zero.  Upon dialing the weapon in properly, the course continues with basic rifle marksmanship...our goal,
to consistently make your point of aim your point of impact.  Clearing malfunctions, rapid reloads and practical use of firing positions are all
covered in this course.  Be prepared for a long day.

Ammo: 300 rds        Prerequisite: None


Service Rifle Two [SR2]

The next step in our service rifle series begins with improving the shooter's skills by introducing more challenging scenarios.  Students will fine
tune their skills to reduce their response time to targets ranging from full-size silhouettes to 3x5 cards. You will learn to make every shot count.  
This course covers tactical reloads, individual movement, firing in transition, and multiple stress-fire drills.  Students will learn and demonstrate the
"Rule of Three";  3 rounds into a 3x5 card from 3 positions in under 10 seconds.  This dynamic 2-day course is physically demanding and is not
recommended for the sedentary shooter.

Ammo: 500 rds        Prerequisite: SR1


Service Rifle Three [SR3]

Welcome to combat shooting. Students will be tested on all the skills acquired from SR1-SR2 and CH1-CH3.  Performing various courses of fire
that mirror real-world events is the focus of this course. Scenarios covered: Avancing/egressing multiple targets, multiple threat engagement,
breaking contact, knockdown recovery drills, utilization of cover and negotiating obstacles.

Ammo: 300 rds rifle/200 rds pistol          Prerequisites: SR2/CH3

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