Train Like You Fight

Combat Handgun One [CH1]

Students begin by learning the building blocks of accuracy. We take all the mystery out of shooting, and break it down into the three basic
elements needed to hold a 2-inch shot group center-mass of the target, every time.  Next, we move into the 3-step draw from the holster, and
the practical applications for this technique.  After proficiency is reached from the draw, students will be challenged further by drawing their
weapon while assuming the kneeling unsupported position behind cover, and engaging targets in low-light conditions. Rapid reloading, use of
cover, clearing malfunctions, effective range, safety concerns, and carry configurations are also covered in this course.

Ammo: 300 rds         Prerequisite: None


Combat Handgun Two [CH2]

Starts with CQB Disarming, threat assessment, and crisis management.  Students will learn and demonstrate the ability to take a weapon away
from an armed attacker based on simple, proven techniques that can be learned and applied quickly. Then it's back to the firing line to cover
various shot group patterns for effective stopping power, to include follow-up head shots and the Mozambique pattern. This course concludes
with individual movement, multiple targets, decision shooting, and courses of fire all done from the draw, and low-light shooting continues.

Ammo: 300 rds         Prerequisite: CH1


Combat Handgun Three [CH3]

Advanced techniques for fighting with a weapon, beginning with the Modified draw from condition 3 (magazine in weapon/chamber empty), then
firing from knockdown recovery positions prone and supine. Students will go to the ground repeatedly in this course. OSS point shooting and
infighting tactics, for defending against physical assault at arm's length, while using the weapon effectively against single or multiple targets.
Course concludes with advancing/egression under fire, breaking contact with multiple targets, and full run courses of fire.

Ammo: 500 rds         Prerequisite: CH2

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