Train Like You Fight
GROUND ZERO Combat Weapons Training Center was developed in 1996 with only one basic principal in teach combat survival skills!  
Our programs offer the opportunity to learn skills previously available only to highly specialized military and government agencies, and are based
on real world operational experience.  


Some of our courses are restricted to Government, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, and Specially Credentialed Security Firms, as
there are no legal civilian applications for this training. GZI reserves the right to refuse service to any potential student of questionable character.
Our staff is comprised of US Veterans, and persons loyal to our country and it's cause. We WILL NOT TRAIN terrorists, hate groups, or anyone
of a criminal nature, and strongly suggest that you seek life elsewhere...


Our Mission

Far too often, novice gun owners purchase a weapon they know nothing about simply because it's the latest thing on the market, or they have a
friend, who has a friend, who bought one just like it.  Then they compound this mistake by never fully learning the true limits of the weapon, or
their capabilities with it, simply relying on it to save them if things ever go bad.  This thinking is not only's dangerous as well.  This is
where GROUND ZERO comes in.  Our training programs are more successful than others can even boast about, and it all starts with
accuracy...All the advanced shooting techniques are wasted effort if you can't hit your target.  That said, how often can you hold a 2 inch shot
group?  Better yet, ask our'd be surprised at the answer.  GZI students graduate our courses with a class average of 97.9%
accuracy.  We're not talking about competitive shooters or specialized military marksmen, but average civilian gun owners who just want to
become more proficient with their weapons.

So you ask yourself, "All that accuracy sounds great, but that's just standing and shooting at a target, right?"  Guess again...these scores come
from students firing an advanced course involving drawing from a holster, individual movement, engaging multiple targets with various shot group
patterns, and tactical reloading...all in low-light conditions.  Still not sure?  Well, don't take our word for it.  Put GZI to the test and see for
yourself.  We'll be happy to prove to you what so many others have already learned...if you want real-world training with combat-proven results,
GROUND ZERO is the answer.



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